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CHEQIO NEWS (international blog)

Up next: the World Pool Series

First of all, Cheqio is very proud to support the World Pool Series and all players involved.

Event organiser, and professional pool player, Darren Appleton is one of our brand ambassadors since 2015 and we have always believed in his dedication and involvement in the sport. For this reason we also believe in Darren’s vision and concept of World Pool Series.

The World Pool Series (WPS) consists of four separate 8-ball events to be played throughout the course of 2017. The WPS is organized as a tour, with rankings points from earlier events carrying over to later events and determining entrants and seeding’s, and even who qualifies for the following year’s tour. This tour the 8-ball format will be played. All four events will be held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, in January, April, July and September respectively, with the final event being the Grand Finale.

The first event almost has a full field of 128 top players from around more than 35 countries in the world. All matches will be single elimination, however all players who lose prior to the final 16 will get another chance to enter the separate Cheqio Challenge event.

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Darren, who has partnered with Steinway Billiards owner Manny Stamatakis to produce the tour, came to this ambitious venture not so much out of a desire to make money, but to bring pool to the level he feels the game rarely reaches.

The first event, named The Molinari Players Championship, runs this weekend from January 14-17th at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens and carries a $20,000 first prize. The World Pool Series is sponsored by Molinari, Predator, RYO Rack, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Billiards Digest, Ultimate Team Gear, High Rock and Cheqio.

We wish Darren, the players and everybody else involved, best of luck and a very successful tour!

An unforgettable Mosconi Cup experience

A picture says more than a thousand words, but a big thanks to Darren "Dynamite" Appleton and everybody else who helped for making it possible and give the Bensinger family the time of their lives!

And the Cheqio trophy goes to...Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez has succeeded Torbjörn Blomdahl as best 3-cushionist of the world. The Spaniard won the World Championship in Bordeaux by defeating the very talented Korean Haeng-Jik Kim in the final. The win brought Sanchez not only the world title, but also the world trophy that was provided by Cheqio.

Cheqio customers David Heyman and Geert Librecht were in Bordeaux to see it happen. They won two tickets for the event after their purchase at Belgian Cheqio dealer PDB-Art and they got to meet Dutch billiard master Dick Jaspers.

Another win for Jayson Shaw

This post says it all; Shaw is unstoppable this year.

...and the winner is

Can you win with Cheqio? Yes you can!

It's the week of the world championship 3-cushion and before it has started, we have already seen one winner! Take a look at this lucky customer, who not only purchased a fresh batch of Cheqio at local dealer Peter de Backer (PDB-Art) in Belgium, but also won two tickets for the World Championship 3-cushion in Bordeaux.


Appleton added to Mosconi Team Europe

With Niels Feijen, Jayson Shaw and Darren Appleton, Cheqio will bring its magic to the Mosconi Cup for the third time in a row!

Shaw wins Kuwait Open and qualifies for Mosconi Cup

It's the Year of the Shaw. The Scotsman is on fire and his display at the Kuwait Open was yet another example of the progress he has made this year.

Coklu wins last hurdle on road to World Championship

With only two weeks to go, Murat Naci Coklu has won the final rehearsal for the World Championship 3-cushion. The 42-year old Turk from Istanbul celebrated not only his victory at the World Cup in La Baule, France, but also his return to the elite top-12 of the world ranking.

The World Cup tournament showed some incredible matches, with the sensational win (40 in 11) of 39-year old Vietnamese Xuan Cuong Ma over world number one Frédéric Caudron as an example of the high level that was reached by the competitors.

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With an entirely European quarter final and four South Koreans stranded in the last 16, especially the Europeans seem to be fully prepared for the world's biggest annual tournament in 3-cushion.

How will it go down in Bordeaux? The total field of players at the world championship consists of 26 Europeans, 11 Asians, 8 Americans and 3 Africans.

As sponsor of the world championship 3-cushion, Cheqio will provide the trophy to the winner of the tournament.

Will Torbjörn Blomdahl retain his title? Who will step up and dethrone the leader in the world ranking?

The tournament starts on Tuesday, November 15th.

An interview with...

Will Jayson Shaw be representing Team Europe at this year's Mosconi Cup? Can Niels keep up his good form after his victories at the Pinneberg Open and the Benelux Open? We had a talk with both players at the Dutch Open. Click on the next link to watch both interviews.

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Will Jayson Shaw be representing Team Europe at this year's Mosconi Cup? Can Niels keep up his good form after his victories at the Pinneberg Open and the Benelux Open? We had a talk with both players at the Dutch Open.

Message from Joost (2)

A couple of weeks ago i won the KLM Open for a second time in my career! It was a very special week because it came very unexpected.

I wasn't really in great form going into that week, swing didn't feel great and wasn't holing a lot of putts! I worked hard on my game the weeks before but it still didn't feel great.

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But every time when i walked to the first tee and took my can of Cheqio i felt great and very relaxed. I think that was the key to win! Felt relaxed and very focused out on the course even though it was packed with people watching and cheering me on! I could really get the tunnel vision and keep my head down and play golf.

Especially on the friday and of course the Sunday i was in the zone! I shot -7 on friday, and -8 on sunday to win with 3 shots. Those days felt like everything just happened without thinking about anything, i was just hitting balls and putts on the automatic pilot, and that is what you want as a golfer!

Off course i was nervous and i felt tense on the backnine, but i could really stay focussed and concentrated and positive. That was the key to win!

It was a very special week to have all my friends, sponsors, family and coaches there to celebrate with!

Joost Luiten