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From nerve wracking exams to reaching your dream final: In combination with a healthy lifestyle and proper training, Cheqio is the perfect partner on your journey to success.

Van Barneveld makes important decision on his hunt to his 6th world title.

During a press conference in the Van der Valk Hotel in Nootdorp, it has been announced that Raymond van Barneveld signed with Target for 5 years. In 2014, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor also made the move from Unicorn to Target. Also RvB played for Unicorn during the last 7 years. The man from The Hague joins the ‘Target Team’ among other players such as Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Dave Chisnall, Stephen Bunting, Darryl Fitton and Tony O’Shea.

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With new material and the support of our products, Van Barneveld will chase his dream to win his 6th world title. He let the audience know: ‘A 6th world title. I believe this is possible, especially with new darts and Cheqio, but I do have to work hard for it. Normally, I will quit in 5 years, but if I happen to win a 6th world title or can play in the worlds’ top 4, you might be able to enjoy my darts a little bit longer.’ Almost 8th months ago, Target came up as a possible new sponsor and gear supplier. After a long period of preparations and refining material, it was finally time to sign the 5-years contract this week.

RvB, born in 1967 and meanwhile a very proud grandfather, won his first world title in 1998. He managed to win the BDO world title three times more after that (1998, 1999, 2003 and 2005). In 2007 Barney made the change to the PDC, where he immediately took the world title of Phil Taylor that year. The Britt managed to win the PDC world title 11 times, until the Dutchman joined the PDC. RvB broke Taylor ’s winning streak. After the promising start in the PDC the Dutchman hasn’t been able to win another world title yet. He did succeed in winning several majors, but slowly the 5-times world champion dropped from favourite to the underdog.

In March of 2017, the Dutchman lost the quarter final of the UK open with an average of more than 108! After this, he broke down mentally and announced that he was going to retire from darts. As a true champion he quickly came back on this decision and told the press that he was going to continue to play darts, but was looking for a better balance between family and top sports. A top sportsman always goes for the highest results achievable and can’t cope with defeat.

The reach the highest achievable, to be world champion, one more time, RvB switched to new, specially designed for him, material from Target. Together with Cheqio and a good team, the Dutchman is full of confidence to take his 6th world title back home to The Hague.

Kim Huybrechts approaches perfection

At the World Cup of Darts, Ronny Huybrechts managed to throw an average of 115,62. It seemed to be a Belgian record. Never before, a Belgian player managed to throw an average that high on a televised tournament. Until that match, it was Geert de Vos who had the highest ever Belgian average on a televised tournament.

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Besides Ronny Huybrechts, also his little brother Kim Huybrechts participated at the World Cup of Darts. The fellow countryman, who completed the couple with his brother, overtook Ronny’s record within 24 hours.

The world record of Michael van Gerwen (123,40) was almost reached, but Kim Huybrechts missed one darts on double 18, which I why he just stayed below the world record. With an average of 121,97 the Belgian almost reached perfection and took his brothers‘ record within the day.

The World Cup of Darts has eventually been won by the Dutch super couple; Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld. The orange duo defeated Wales in the final. Earlier they had already beaten Czech Republic, USA, Germany and England.

Peter Wright shows painfully that Darts is a mental game of chess.

The final of the Premier League 2017 is a final that goes down into the history books. Peter Wright reached a 7-2 lead and it seemed nothing was standing on his path to win the biggest trophy with additional prize money. But for the Scotsman it became painfully clear that darts is mental game which he doesn’t master sufficiently yet.

He saw Michael van Gerwen approach to an 8-8- draw, but still managed to stay calm and  regain the lead to give himself a chance to throw for the match.

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After that, nerves took control over The Snakebite. He got 6 darts to throw to win the match and with an average finish percentage over 50% it should have been a guarantee of success. But how different was it, now a major title was at stake.. Wright choked and van Gerwen won the Premier League of Darts.

The 6 throws had a value of 130.000 GBP per dart, the difference between the prize money of the winner and the runner-up.

Top players like Peter Wright can be found in the gym very often to stay fit, but mentally there is still a lot to win. Products like Cheqio make sure you stay calm and concentrated at the crucial moments.

Is Poker gambling? If not, why do we all go broke? #TournamentPoker

‘’Poker is not gambling’’ That’s what I’ve spent the last 10 years attempting to convince my friends/family and that random drunk old man at the pub.

Variance (luck) occurs in all sports/games but in the long-term skill will always triumph. This is the case for poker. In the short-term, variance will play a huge part in the success of a player but the longer a player plays the lower variance has an impact. The skill set of a poker player is like that of a professional trader such that comparisons are often drawn between the two. This theory is solidified by the high percentage of ex-professional poker players becoming traders. Yet being a trader is considered a highly respectable job whereas being a poker player isn’t as highly thought of. Is this due to the latter being perceived as gambling?

But if poker is not gambling then why is it that a high majority of poker players go broke at some point in their career?

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In answering this we must think of the first thing we’d learn if we went to a ‘poker school’. We’d be told to desensitise our self from money while we’re at the table. You can’t play a hand of poker, let alone a tournament, with fear of the monetary outcome of the event. Doing so will make you less inclined to play optimally (the only exception is being at a final table where the money jumps are life changing).  The consequence of this is that we spend so much time at the table desensitising ourselves from money that we can’t value it off it. How can one buy in €500 to a one-day tournament and then be expected to go to Aldi instead of Tesco to save €20 off their shopping bill? Or get the bus which will take an hour instead of a 20-minute taxi drive?

This in turn brings us to the second underlining issue ‘bankroll management’. This is our biggest problem as tournament players. We love the buzz of playing big tournaments. It’s hard to refuse a big game even when we are struggling to pay the rent. Everyone loves dreaming of the big win, few more than me. When we buy into a tournament with big money for 1st prize we’re essentially buying a dream. In one weekend the potential to win life changing money is a something that very few jobs can offer, hence the high volume and diversity of the poker community.

In Arnold Snyder’s book ‘The Poker Tournament Formula’ he has given a chart for the minimum bankroll requirements professionals should have for each type of tournament. For example, in a $1000 game with 500 players he states that you should have a bankroll of $44,721. I recently played the Irish open where the buy-in was €1150 with 1000+ players playing. Per the book, professional players should have closer to €70,000 in their poker bankroll if they want to play, which is safe to say <5% of the pros playing did. Of course, you can get in cheaper through playing smaller games but in many cases there is very few options to do this. I played a €500 game in Malta a couple of months ago with close to 2000 players playing, which according to Snyder I should have had somewhere in-between €31,623 and €44,721 in my poker bankroll, needless to say this wasn’t the case. Those figures are not including my flights, accommodation and spending money which can vary massively (particularly if you’re Irish, where hitting the pints is standard procedure).

So essentially most tournament players are shot takers and dream buyers. Which is fine if you are adequately bankrolled but disastrous if not. The industry is missing the tools and platforms required for poker players to survive in the long term. Most traders work for a company, have a set salary, and all the while with the comfort that their own capital is not at risk. They’ve capped their risk but still can get healthy commissions from profitable trades. Of course, there are poker players who are backed but not as many as there could be. As far as I know there is not a platform or company providing such a service.

That said; let’s return to the original question: Yes poker is a game of skill which is obvious as we see many of the same players doing consistently well. The problem is that the majority of us are gambling, not in the conventional ways (bookies, roulette etc) but in playing games that our bankroll cannot guarantee a positive result. This is due to a lack of bankroll tools available to players and general awareness within the industry of the damning effects of this gamblers mindset. We have plenty of excellent poker forums such as and along with a great community of players willing to offer advice and discuss strategy but without a stronger focus on this major issue the number of pros will steadily decrease as years go by.

Rohan Perera

(Co-edited by James Dolphin)

How unique is the perfect leg in darts nowadays?

A couple of years ago, the perfect leg in darts was a very unique achievement. In the 90’s, the prize money for a 9-darter was significantly higher than the main prize of a tournament. This is how John Lowe earned an amount of 102.000 GBP with the first ever televised 9-darter, during the World Matchplay in 1984.

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Nowadays this is different. Last weekend there has been thrown a 9-darters twice, during the PDC Players championship 9 and 10. On Saturday, the perfect leg was for Michael van Gerwen and on Sunday Peter Wright did the almost ‘impossible’. But also for the players who are not on televised stages every week it is possible to throw a perfect leg. This is how Paul Hogan, who recently had beaten Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis at the UK Open, threw the perfect leg at the BDO British International on camera.

The level of darts has increased rapidly over the last years and this is, among other things, because of the approach of darts in general. When you look at old pictures, you will find the players on stage with cigarettes for example. Nowadays the approach is much more professional. Top players are going to the gym, watch their diets and use dietary supplements, such as, for example, Cheqio.

And see the result: Where the perfect leg once was a very unique achievement, it still is special, but it’s already over the term ‘very unqiue’.

20 times in a row a 3-darts average of 100,00

April 5th, 2017

A new record has been set in the darts world. Phil Taylor was record holder of the highest number of televised matches in a row with the 3-darts average of 100,00 or more. Today, this record has been taken by Michael van Gerwen, who scored an average of 100,00 or more from October 2016 until April 2017 on all televised matches.

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It’s typical for the current level of darts being played. Several years ago it was even impressive to throw an average above 95,00 and only very few players reached the 100,00 average. Nowadays the 3-darts average of 100,00 has become the new standard.

Besides, the question isn’t any more if you can throw an average of 100,00, but how many matches in a row could you throw an average of 100,00. The answer is currently 20 and Thursday April 6th could be the 21st time in a row.

Our brand ambassador Raymond van Barneveld plays two games tomorrow. Against James Wade and against his eternal rival Phil Taylor. Hopefully he will be able to keep his third place or even climb in the rankings!

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Van Barneveld blasts Anderson off stage with the support of 10.000 outrageous fans!

Thursday March 16th was a historical day. The Premier League circus stopped in the Netherlands for the second time ever. Last year’s edition was already sensational and despite being thought impossible, it was even bettered this year. Particularly the performance on his home ground of Raymond van Barneveld, our brand ambassador, was an amazing experience for all Dutch supporters and his ‘Barney Army’. Van Barneveld, Barney, threw amazing and was borne on wings by all 10.000 fans. Anderson was blown away by 10.000 and one man and was very quickly ready to pack his bags again. On to next year!

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Cheqio Golf (TV commercial)

Our short TV commercial with Joost Luiten, top 50 golf player from The Netherlands.


What!? You’re a professional poker player?? That’s amazing!! You must be rich and go to Vegas every other week. Right? Wrong… Rich?? How about blowing 70% of your bankroll on Cheltenham** the week you moved out of your parents’ house and having to eat pasta every day for the following month. Vegas?? How about Dorset street and Drumcondra every other week and if lucky a trip to Carlow or Dundalk*. Is it all worth it? Who knows. Gets the veins pumping anyway.

 This being my first blog post I’d better give you a bit of background info. My name is Rohan Perera and I’m an Irish poker player. My focus was low stakes cash games and low buy in tournaments in local casinos and hotels. After a few years of going to sleep at 6am and waking up at 2 or 3pm along with sometimes struggling to pay the rent I decided it was best to start working part time.

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Within the last two-year period though some incredible game changing things have happened. The first was reading Jared Tendler’s ‘The Mental Game of Poker’, I’ve never gained so much from a poker book. Following that I have been having mental game sessions (yes there’s such a thing as a poker psychologist and I have one!) with him every 4/5 months to make sure everything is going well and I haven’t blown my bankroll. (Bankroll management and game selection are the two most important and underrated skills to have in poker) No I haven’t mastered either skill but I’m getting there.

Another has been the introduction of Cheqio into my game. The first time I heard about this ‘‘Cheqio’’ thing was in January 2016. The biggest factor in holding me back from progressing to higher stakes always been the mental game, I was never able to stay fully focused for long hours, I could never play my ‘’A-game’’ at 5am. I was always tired, distracted and bored which in turned made me more susceptible to making mistakes. I think we all have issues with this, it’s never easy to concentrate for long break-less days, no matter what your profession is (It’s been just as important in my new role as a consultant). In that first 3 months of taking Cheqio my win rate tripled. I felt much more focused and found it a lot easier to maintain a high level of focus and concentration. I went from potentially being in a slightly above minimum wage job to being able to live comfortably. If I wasn’t enjoying my part time job as a facilitator and start-up consultant I would have left it straight away. Since August I’ve had two full-time jobs as opposed to two part-time ones, making it a necessity to be fully focused from 9am to 6am.

The big difference is now I’m more competent and able to compete in the big buy in tournaments around the world. That’s the dream of most low stakes poker players like myself, to be able to play the massive events around the world and have a real chance of winning them. 2016 marked my best year of poker to date even though I played substantially less than previous years. It also produced my two biggest live tournament cashes and also my first decent cash abroad (finally!). I’ve now more confidence in my game than ever before and am fully expecting to bring home a trophy in 2017. Last week I won an Irish Open package*** so hopefully that’ll be the trophy Il be taking home!

*Dorset street, Drumcondra, Carlow and Dundalk are places in Ireland- not your first stops on TripAdvisor, but nothing wrong with them, sure I’ve been living on Dorset street for the last 4 years, just wouldn’t compare it to Las Vegas.

**Cheltenham is a big Horse Racing Festival in the UK (I didn’t even go, just lost all the money in the bookies)

***Package means flights (in this case spending money as I don’t need flights)/accommodation and tournament buy in are included in the prize.


Message from Joost (4)

The season has started and I have played 4 tournaments so far this year.

March 17th, 2017.

I started in Abu Dhabi were I finished at the 29th place. The week after a played in Qatar and finished 25th and the third week in the desert I finished 21st.

My fourth tournament was a big World golf championship with the complete world top 50 participating, there I finished 25th. Not bad, but again I felt I could have finished higher especially my putting wasn't great there.

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Top 30 finishes are not bad but I wouldn't say they were great performances.

Sometimes in golf the difference between an o.k. round and a good round is only 1 shot. 1 shot a round is 4 shots a tournament and all those top 30 finishes would have been top 10s if I had those 4 shots less. Top 10 finishes in golf are really good. Every week there are 156 guys to tee it up so if you can finish top 10 you have done a lot of good things. Sometimes it is a matter of just a couple percents better. It’s the little things that can make a difference, like using Cheqio! 

I know my weeks are coming, because I am very close to where I want to be with my game.

I am practicing hard and now all I need to do is take that some game from practice into the tournaments. I need to be patient, which sometimes is hard in sport. Shape will come and go but I feel like it is very close and then my season will really start!

Joost Luiten